A “slip and fall” claim, which falls under the broader category of premises liability law. Premises liability actions involve those situations where someone is injured due to improperly maintained, defective, or dangerous property. Outside of automobile accidents, actions based upon the condition of property are the most common.

Improperly maintained or defective property can cause several kinds of fall accidents. There is the “slip and fall” where an injured person’s shoe and the floor fail to interface properly resulting in a fall. Then there is the “trip and fall” accident, where a person specifically trips on an object or defect on property. Finally, there is the “step and fall” where a person steps into something, such as a hole in the ground, and is injured. The nature of such claims can vary based not only on the kind of injury that you have sustained, but whether the injury takes place on private, public, or commercial property.

Slip and falls happen when the victim least expects it, and can occur anywhere, including: apartments, casinos, government buildings, grocery stores, homes, movie theaters, offices, public places, restaurants, shopping malls, sports arenas and stores.

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