Recent Case Results

$3.1 million settlement
A Central Valley college student suffered massive injuries when a tractor-trailer attempted a u-turn on a divided highway. He suffered a life-threatening head injury along with orthopedic injuries which left him in a hospital for two weeks. Through prayer and a commitment to difficult physical therapy, he achieved a miraculous recovery. The at-fault company initially denied liability but our accident reconstruction and computer animation proved that there was no possibility of avoiding the collision.

$275,000 trial verdict
Our client was a pedestrian mail deliverer hit by a car while walking to work. The key issue at trial was whether the location of the incident was an intersection under the law, giving greater protection to pedestrians. We used a 1972 appellate decision of a jay-walking ticket to prove that our client was legally crossing the road and that the driver was negligent.

1.2 million settlement
A Santa Cruz mother of two was killed when car passed her illegally and caused an oncoming tractor-trailer to lose control. Detailed discovery proved that the driver of the car was on the job at the time of the collision, despite denials from his employer. The settlement was for the entire available insurance policy since neither the company nor the driver had significant recoverable assets.

$750,000 settlement
A Roseville mother of two suffered serious orthopedic and head injuries as a result of the negligence of a tractor-trailer driver. We used CHP 911 call records to find a witness that had seen the collision but was not listed in the police report. Although there was no contact between the vehicles, we proved that a dangerous lane change by the tractor-trailer caused the collision.

$275,000 settlement
A Sacramento great-grandmother was attacked by an unleashed neighborhood dog. Her most serious injuries were a fractured hip and leg. Soon after the injury, she was diagnosed with cancer and was forced to endure chemotherapy while attempting to recover from the orthopedic surgery. Her husband, legally blind and reliant on his wife, shared in the settlement for his loss of consortium claim.

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